“Fall” Into Beautiful Skin This Autumn


Just as we to switch up our wardrobe to work for the changing seasons, it’s important to do the same with our skincare regimen. While summer skincare is all about sun protection and oil control, fall brings its own challenges – especially repairing any damage done during all that summer fun, and keeping delicate skin protected from the drier, cooler air of autumn.

Don’t Skimp on the Sunscreen

Even though the days are shorter and the sun’s rays are less intense, sunscreen is still a necessity in the fall (and winter). Sun damage can happen even when there’s cloud cover! So make sure to cover your face, neck, hands, and any other exposed areas with SPF 15, at the very least, to prevent UV damage.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Summer heat and humidity often allow a lighter, daily moisturizer – but, for now, those days are gone. Depending on skin type and climate, switching to a creamier morning moisturizer and a richer night cream can give skin an extra boost of that much-needed moisture.

Boost Hydration

Skin cells need water to live, and toners (that are alcohol-free) are a perfect way to give skin the hydration it so desperately needs in the fall, when temperatures are cooler. However, toners are often an overlooked step in a skin-care regimen. So, if you aren’t already using one, now’s the time to start. After cleansing, wipe an alcohol-free toner over the skin and immediately apply serum or moisturizer, while it’s still damp, to seal in the hydration and active ingredients.

Exfoliate, Don’t Aggravate

Summer damage can lead to dead cell buildup on skin, which can make it feel rough and look dull. Regular exfoliation will help to lift skin discoloration (such as sun spots and acne scars), remove dull, tired, dry skin and encourage fresher, plumper cells to form. It is essential to use a gentle exfoliation method that won’t irritate or strip skin of moisture. This step will give skin a flawless finish!

Vitamin A Keeps Aging Away

If you took a break from retinol (vitamin A) during the summer, now is the time to get it back into your skin-care routine. Choose either a non-prescription retinol serum or a prescription retinoid, which will help to dramatically reduce the appearance of brown spots caused by the summer sun, lines, and wrinkles.

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